Indian Motorcycles file two new trademarks for future models

While the patent doesn’t shed any light on what the Indian models could be, we do have a few theories…

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

INDIAN has just filed for trademark applications for two potential new bikes from the American manufacturer.

The Indian Guardian and Indian Pursuit have been files with both the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) and the Australian Intellectual Property Office.

While both new bikes sound like the sort used by highway patrol and police forces, the chances of the fimr developing a ground-up new machine just for this task is slim. Police motorcycles usually just wear the same name as their commercially available siblings, normally with a solitary ‘P’ at the end of the model name to signify their use. And seriously, come on – if you were going to chase baddies in the Outback, we could think of much more viable options than a 400kg super-cruiser!

On the patent application it is simply stated that the names are to be used on “Motorcycles and structural parts therefor.”, meaning it sadly doesn’t tell up where in the Indian line-up the bikes could fit. To try and figure this out though, we can spot some gaps in the current range.

With the FTR 1200 range now bulging, it’s likely the new bikes won’t reside in this lightweight and sporty sector – the names don’t really suit a flat-track street racer either.

Instead it’d be more realistic to see the Guardian and Pursuit to slot into the Challenger range which currently only has one bike in it. The two new bikes could be the custom cruiser and full-dress tourer editions of the Indian Challenger bagger model that is already available.

To find out what they really are, sadly on time will tell!