Husqvarna Svartpilen 125 for 2021 revealed - new husky aimed at the youth market

There’s a new 125cc motorcycle on the market, the Svartpilen 125 has been introduced to us - and here’s what we know.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 125 2021

HUSQVARNA is known in the motorcycling industry for creating stylish naked bikes, namely the Svartpilen and Vitpilen in 701 and 401 capacities - now we have a 125cc Svartpilen to add to the lineup. 

We’ve known a 125cc iteration of the Svartpilen may be on the way since early January, and today we received the info that new riders may be extremely excited to hear about. I mean, If I was a 17 year old looking for my first 125cc motorcycle, based on style alone this would probably be right up there. Plus the imagery includes people riding around with skateboards, the iconic signifier of ‘this is for kids’. But either way, does it have the substance to accompany the stunning looks? 

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It seems so. Familiarity with the Svartpilen lineup goes further than just the looks and character derived from the lightweight and narrow bodywork, the Svartpilen slots in to satisfy those with a propensity for the very best. It provides a perfect platform for a learner who wants the top-of-the-range spec, and who wants to start with their best foot forward on their CBT and A1 compliant journey to the top.

The engine found on the Husqvarna Svartpilen 125 is a Euro 5 compliant single-cylinder, liquid-cooled with twin overhead camshaft, still adhering to the strict limits placed on learner motorcycles: the top 15bhp limit is met at 9500rpm, whilst producing a modest 12Nm of torque. You’ll find a 6-speed gearbox, 17-inch front and rear spoked wheels with Pirelli rubber, and premium build quality throughout on this 2021 model.

What’s the top speed of the Svartpilen 125? It’s predicted to be around 62mph - but being a 125cc, this can vary depending on the environment and conditions on the day.

This 125cc version of the Svartpilen does inherit a pretty high-quality list of components from the bigger, older & wiser brothers, which does simultaneously set the bar fairly high for our expectations. 

Husqvarna Svartpilen 125 spec

We have hydraulic ByBre brakes on the front (320mm) and rear (230mm), with Bosch ABS technology for the brake setup, with WP Apex 43mm forks, and a WP Apex rear shock (both 142mm travel) to complement the signature nimble handling. The total dry weight for the Svartpilen 125 is 146kg, with a tank size of 9.5L - so it’s fairly average in terms of a 125cc category naked bike. But, there are LED lights!

Did I mention the looks? Black steel hydro-formed tubes and robot welding, plus bronze engine covers and anodised components really seal the deal - the seat height is a fairly tall 835mm, but the nimble size does guarantee a good ride. So in reality, for me, the good looks come from the fact that everything on the bike serves a real purpose. Its simplicity is so very Swedish.

Of course, there are a number of accessories available from the manufacturer as options to really make it your own - but straight out of the dealer, expect to pay £4,499. It’s available from February 2021, so… pretty soon!