Honda USA fans rejoice, the CB1000R, NC750X, Grom and ADV 150 are now available

Get your hands on the latest Honda motorcycle releases in America, they’re all updated and available now.

Honda 2022 Grom

HONDA America has updated some of the range for 2021 (or 2022 depending on what dating system you use for new motorcycles), so let’s have a quick look at what’s on offer!

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First up, the Honda CB1000R Black Edition is updated for 2021, available from $12,999 MSRP and blacked out with a sleek new colourway of, get this, all black everything.

Plus new digital display, seat cowl and quick shifter - plus under-seat USB, and little touches over the bike to give it the Black Edition look.

Next is the ADV-150 scooter, 2022 trim, available from $4,299 MSRP.

You’ll find the 149cc motor with long-travel suspension, spacious under-seat storage, two-position windscreen and everything you’d need for a comfortable commute (and jaunt on the backroads on the way back home). The 2021 model is in Candy Rose Red, too!

The Honda Grom. 2022 trim, 2022 trim, available from $3,399 MSRP. An eternal legend, with many riders reporting back that it’s the most fun they’ve had on two wheels, the 2022 Honda Grom has a new engine, 5-speed gearbox and higher 10:1 compression ratio for even for fun packed in a small box (it’s like a 10:1 fun compression ratio).

It’s got a thicker, flatter seat for greater comfort, and is noted as good for taller riders - here’s to hoping my 6’3” frame will fit! Plus the new body panels, easy to remove and therefore easy to replace and customise - adventure grom, anyone?

Last up, the NC750X, in the 2021 trim, is available from $8,199 MSRP. It’s the classic versatile tourer-cross-adventure motorcycle, Honda has adjusted and optimised a few bits: lower seat height by 30mm, lighter weight, larger integrated storage area (the ‘tank’ space), and a new frame. 

Other big updates are increases to the overall power, throttle by wire, rider modes, choice of auto-DCT or manual 6-speed transmission, and new instruments. It’s the classic versatile machine to cover all bases. 

Looking on the American Honda ‘powersports’ site, nestled in the scooters section I found an old heart-throb of mine, the Honda Zoomer (or Ruckus). Never as much as sat on one, but I’d still love a Honda Ruckus.

Probably wouldn’t fit one either, but the fact you can buy them new in America has me a bit jealous.