Adventure-grom styling for the Honda MSX125 | K-Speed Custom Super Grom

Sometimes great things come in small packages, this Honda Grom motorcycle styling kit from K-Speed is a bolt-on accessory kit for ultimate style. 

Custom Honda Grom KSpeed Super Grom

HONDA Grom 125, or the MSX125 in the UK (still known as the Grom) is a diddy little 125cc motorcycle with massive amounts of fun in a small package. K-Speed of Thailand decided that it needed a little bit more off-road flair, and created a bolt-on kit for it. 

The custom creation has been named the ‘Super Grom’, and whilst there is no difference in power or capacity, for style points alone it’s right up there. The standard Grom has bolt-on bodywork, and as such K-Speed have taken full advantage and created a kit you could put on yourself at home, if you wanted to! 

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Yes, that’s right, nearly all of the parts you see on the Super Grom are part of a kit that you can buy for your own Grom, from their catalogue (knobblies not included)! Getting it back to the UK from Thailand is another story, though. 

What’s on the K-Speed Honda Super Grom?

So aside from the knobblies, part of the Super Grom kit, is: Diablo exhaust, a new seat with tail-piece, lever protectors, new tank covers, lever protectors, fork covers, side panels, belly pan, upgraded brake lines, handlebars, LED taillight with built-in turn signal, and headlight nacelle with front fender. 

Quite a lot, then. Also, it’s not just available in red - you could also go for black or blue. The kit will set you back around 27,900 Thai Baht, which is around £660 or $925. 

Sure, there is no difference in performance from this kit - maybe 0.5 bhp from the exhaust - but performance can be easily covered elsewhere if you’re into that. Or just stick with the 125cc motor, it’s not always about speed - people have a tonne of fun on these straight out of the dealership, not quite my size of bike though - I’m 6’3”, so perhaps a bit small for me to enjoy... I'd give one a go in a heartbeat though.