Honda follows up CL500 patents with "CL300" copyright application

Far from being satisfied with the development of a CL500, Honda has now filed patents for a CL300 as well, and there could be a CL250 on the way, too.

Honda CL500 Scrambler patent drawing.

Honda has filed for the copyright of the name “CL300”, a few months after the patents were filed for the CL500. 

Back in March, we wrote that a future CL500 from Honda was likely to be based on the Rebel 500 motorcycle, featuring the same engine and basic chassis architecture. For the 300, the derivation would appear to be the same: in this case the Rebel 300. 

As with the CL500, the CL300 could be expected to be a ‘scrambler’ adaptation of the Rebel from which it is derived. 

However, there are curiosities. For example, the copyright application for the “CL300” name has been filed in Thailand. As well as the CL300, Honda is reportedly planning a CL250, as well, which would be marketed in Asia. 

As Motorcycles News notes, it would be perhaps some kind of self-sabotage or autocannibalism on Honda’s part to market both the CL300 and CL250 together. Perhaps, therefore, we could expect a CL300 to be released solely in the West.

The second curiosity comes when looking at the UK and Europe, where the Rebel 300 is not marketed. In these places, the CMX is available in only the 1100 and 500 forms, but not the 300, which is currently marketed only in North America and some Asian countries, including Thailand, of course. 

As such, while a CL500 would be a decent fit in the UK and Europe - as the bike from which it is derived is also marketed here - perhaps a CL300 is less likely to make it to the UK and the European mainland. 

Images courtesy of Young Machine.

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