Patent drawings reveal what the Honda CL 500 Scrambler might look like

New patent drawings have been released of Honda’s CL500 Scrambler which give us a new idea of what the bike might look like.

Honda CL500 Scrambler patent drawing.

YOUNG Machine have reported on patent drawings from 2018 relating to Honda’s anticipated and rumoured CL500 Scrambler.

Using the pattern Honda have followed in recent years - that of creating several models while maintaining a similar or shared basic platform - Young Machine have created their interpretation of how the CL500 might look. 

Young Machine anticipates that the CL500 will maintain some of the same components as those of its 250cc counterpart. In particular, the brakes and suspension are expected to remain the same between the CL250 and CL500, while the chassis will be adjusted only to successfully house the larger displacement motor, as in the Honda Rebel family, which deals in the same displacements. 

In fact, from the patent drawings it is clear that the CL500s frame would share a resemblance with the Rebels, although there are some differences towards the rear of the chassis.

The patent drawings also show a flat seat, square fuel tank and the exhaust pipe features a sharp kink at the muffler which leads it to run almost exactly horizontal. 

The engine of the 500 is expected to exceed the power output of the 250 by 20 horsepower, and in the Rebel family 46 horsepower is delivered by the 500. Perhaps for the CL500 Scrambler we can expect the same.

As Soymotero point out, the creation of the CL500 with similarities to both the CL250 and the Rebel family of bikes positions Honda handily to compete with the influx of Chinese motorcycles that follow a similar design philosophy. 

The full article, complete with patent drawings, descriptions and the imagination of the bike by Young Machine can be found here.