Honda CT125 set to take iconic C-90 further than ever before

The funky little Honda CT125 - a rugged version of its venerabe Cub - looks set to hit production after the trademark of two similar names

Honda CT125

In a year that has seen Honda give its biggest flagship models like the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade and Africa Twin a thorough reworking, it seems it isn’t forgetting about its smaller models with news the Honda CT125 is on its way to production.

Revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in very convincing concept form, the Honda CT125 is a chunkier, more protected version of the Honda C-90 (or cub as it is affectionately known) with a revised, pressed-steel frame designed to be more robust for harsher terrain riding.#

Now it seems Honda is pressing ahead with production, following up from the relaunch of the Super Cub, after applying for new trademark names Trail 125 and Hunter Cub.

What is the Honda C-90 and CT125?

Put simply, the Honda C-90 is one of the most iconic motorcycles in history, not to mention one of the most built and sold.

While not so familiar in Europe, the Honda C-90 – which comes under myriad of monikers around the world – has been in production since 1964 and can be found across Japan especially, many of which are decades old.

The design has remained faithful to its 60s origins with its stripped back frame and easy ergonomics, but updated with various engines, modified to tackle different environments and tweaked for comfort over the following years.

In short, this is the machine that has ultimately spurred Honda on to the huge market share that is currently commands over its rivals in almost every market in the world.