Harley-Davidson X440 specs, details and features

The Harley-Davidson X440 has been officially launched in India - here’s everything we know about it

H-D X440 motorcycle

WE’VE been following the story of the Harley-Davidson X440 for some time, although until now we’ve not had any confirmed specs, features or detailed information about the new single-cylinder motorcycle.

That changed this morning though, as earlier today the official manufacturer information about the bike was launched in its home market of India.

There is still no word on if the Harley X440 will make its way out of India and into other markets, and if you ask Harley-Davidson that question the answer is still a firm ‘no’. Things can change though and until they do, here’s everything we know about the Harley-Davidson X440.

How much is the Harley-Davidson X440

The little X440 has a list price of 2,290,000 INR (Indian Rupees) for the base colour ‘Mustard Demin’. Both the Dark Silver and Thick Red options command a 20,000 INR premium, while the Matt Black bike is an extra 40,000 INR. Converting that to Sterling returns a number of around £2,500 for the premium Matt Black bike. It’s important to note that should the bike ever find its way out of India, that figure wouldn’t be indicative of a UK list price, given the higher taxes and export cost associated with the model.

2023 Harley-Davidson X440 engine specs, details and features

The single-cylinder 440cc air and oil-cooled engine in the X440 is claimed to produce 27bhp @ 6,000rpm and 28lb-ft @ 4,000rpm. Sitting above the engine is a 13.5-litre fuel tank and going by the claimed 35 km per litre fuel economy, the bike has a theoretical maximum range to empty of around 450km or 270 miles.

The internal architecture of the engine uses a 79.6 mm bore and 88.4 mm stroke, giving the engine a 9.5:1 compression ratio. 

Harley-Davidson X440 chassis suspension and brakes

The chassis of the X440 utilises KYB USD cartridge forks and gas-filled twin rear shocks with seven steps of pre-load adjustment. Braking at the front comprises a 320mm disc and Bybre caliper, with a 240mm disc at the rear of the bike. The ABS on the new Harley is two-channel only which is unsurprising at this price point. The all-up ready-to-ride weight of the new Harley X440 is claimed to be 190kg.

2023 Harley-Davidson X440 tech and features

On the tech front, the Harley is actually quite well specced, with full LED lighting all round being the first notable point. The headlight is a multi-projector item, and it also incorporates a signature DRL for daytime riding. Further back the X440 features a 3.5-inch full TFT dash that includes smartphone connectivity. The system allows riders of the new lightweight H-D to benefit from turn-by-turn navigation, music control, accept and reject calls, missed call alerts, and message alert. The bike also features a 2A 3.0 quick-charge socket to keep your mobile phone topped up.

As we said at the top, there's no word on if the X440 will make its way out of India, and given the UK market's fairly tepid appetite for A2 bikes, the chances of it ever happening are slim. The bike is also an Indian-made motorcycle, and should Harley ever want to bring it here, the associated export costs involved would likely make it prohibitively expensive for a bike in this segment.

Full information on the Harley-Davidson X440 can be found on the official website.

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