Happy Days as new Fonzarelli scooter launches Down Under

Fonzarelli scooters launch the new X1 model. Ayyyyyyyyy.....

Happy Days as new Fonzarelli scooter launches Down Under

If you're of an age, the name Fonzarelli will conjure up images of Henry Winkler in a black leather jacket, riding a custom Triumph down to Arnold's to fiddle with some cheerleaders.

Nowadays, Fonzarelli is a scooter manufacturer in Australia and it has just announced the X1  which is the company’s higher-spec model, and has a claimed maximum speed of 62mph as well as a lightweight frame, remote reservoir shocks, floating front disc and luxury trimmings.

"After two successful years in operation, the time is right to bring manufacturing home – we have the skills we need right here, and we've engineered a high performing product with a simple drivetrain, efficiently and cost-effectively built locally,” said Fonzarelli boss Michelle Nazzari.

“We believe that all Australians should be able to enjoy the benefits of electric transport, and the newest edition to the family makes this option even more appealing to motorcycle enthusiasts."

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