Full-sized Sur Ron Storm Bee dirt bike finally breaks cover

The electric off-road motorcycle maker has announced its first full-sized model, the Sur Ron Strom Bee


THE Sur Ron Storm Bee has been officially revealed, as the Chinese electric dirt bike manufacturer moves out of the lightweight sector with a proper dirt bike!

Sur Ron has been making electric dirt bikes for off-road use for some time now, although its offerings in the UK up till now aren’t what many would term a ‘proper’ motorcycle. With many components used in the previous models coming from the downhill bicycle sector, its previous machines, called the Light Bee, resembled high-end mountain bikes with electric motors bolted into them.

This new model though is a complete departure for the firm, as it is what you would call a proper dirt bike. And it doesn’t just look the part either, as the spec and performance figures of the new machine are equally impressive. Sur Ron is claiming a top speed of around 70mph, and zero to 50mph in a shade under four seconds. Take it a little easier though and the Storm Bee is said to be able to travel more than 100 kilometres on a single charge. Power is claimed to be 22.5kW (30hp) while torque is a monstrous 383lb-ft!

Away from the performance figures, the hardware of the new bike also looks good, with proper USD forks a piggyback rear shock and a lightweight frame.

Sur Ron Strom Bee UK price

We have found one retailer in the UK purporting to sell the newly announced Sur Ron Storm Bee already, listing a price of £9,000 on its website.

If there is anyone potentially not looking forward to the release of this bike though, it’ll be the police, especially in some cities in the UK. The small and nippy Sur Ron Light Bee has become a staple among riders looking to nip around town – in many cases without any registration, insurance, or licence. The thought of those already hard-to-catch riders moving up to a much faster and more powerful machine will make catching these riders even more difficult.

More information can be found here.