First Look: Fischer MRX SV650

Bespoke American bike builder makes tasty alternative to standard SV650

Fischer MRX - just £5255 - excluding import taxes

NICHE AMERICAN motorcycle manufacturer Fischer celebrated earlier this week when the first of the company's MRX sportsbikes rolled off the production line.

The MRX is powered by a Suzuki SV650 V-twin, which sits in a beefy hand-built aluminium chassis, complete with chunky banana-style swingarm. The MRX features other sporting ancilliaries, such as USD forks, an Öhlins rear shock and radial-mounted brake calipers. The bike's dry weight is 167kg.

Each machine is built with hand-laid composite body panels coated in a clear coat paint and is delivered with an engraved serial number plate and a commemorative certificate.

The cost? $7995 (£5255 - excluding import taxes)