First Look: BMW CLEVER iProject

Low emission urban concept vehicles could shape the future of motorcycling

BMW says CLEVER technology can also be applied to two-wheelers

TACKLING THE green issue, BMW are involved in Project i, an initiative which may see the future introduction of cleaner modes of two, three and four wheeled transport.

During 2007, BMW and the University of Bath designed a vehicle called the Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transportation, or Clever for short; a three-wheeled trike/car hybrid with an engine designed to run on compressed natural gas, the concept emitted just half the carbon dioxide of normal economy cars.

The aim is to build upon the C1 scooter project, with BMW set to use its motorcycle division for a suitable powerplant before moving on to more environmentally friendly solutions.

A spokesperson for BMW said: “We are committed to producing a super economical or zero emission vehicle or range of vehicles. However, it's going to be at least five years until we have production models one the road."