EXCLUSIVE: All-new BMW R1300 GS spied for the first time!

The next version of the BMW story has just been revealed, as these exclusive pictures show the incoming BMW R1300 GS

BMW R1300 GS

BMW is making strides to update the R1250 GS adventure motorcycle, as these exclusive images show the next version of the bike undergoing testing. The R1300 GS looks to be undergoing side-by-side testing, with current R1250 GS bikes seen in the background.

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Obviously, the bike in question is heavily disguised, with plastic shrouds covering the nose cone, fuel tank and side flanks. It is enough though for us to see what the general size and shape of the next GS could be like.

What’s new with the R1300 GS?

Firstly, the new bike looks to be a more compact proposition when it is seen next to the current generation of the bike. Of course, that could just be the stealthy black covers giving that impression. One area of the bike that does seem to be heavily revised is in the area around the headlights. The binnacle that holds the lights seems to be set more forwards than on the previous model GS, with it forming part of the bike’s distinctive beak more than it did before.

Another possible change, and one that adds weight to this being the new R1300 GS, is the larger twin radiators of the model. On the images above you can clearly see boxed sections on either side of the bike jutting out on either side behind the plastic shrouds.

When the images from our pro spy snapper first appeared, we were all slightly perplexed by the frame of the bike. It’s weird and almost doesn’t look real. I’ve come to the conclusion that it actually isn’t – but that’s not as whacky as it sounds! I think the frame rails you can see (as in the image above) are plastic shrouds, used to prevent people from getting a glimpse of the new frame design – and also the layout of components within.

The exhaust of the bike has to be taken with a pinch of salt, it’s one part of a bike that evolves as the project progresses. In this form, it’s much smaller than before. Whether it remains that way until production is anyone’s guess.

As you can clearly see, the engine has been covered with some kind of privacy sock, preventing us from getting a clear view of what lies beneath. So how do we know it’s the R1300 GS? Not very long ago the brand filed for the name BMW M1300 GS, telling us that the next iteration of the firm’s adventure bike will be much closer to a true 1300cc than it currently is. Then we expect Beemer to be announcing the higher-spec (and possibly more powerful) M1300 GS.

Full liquid cooling for the BMW R1300 GS?

With the shrouds over the exhaust, it’s clear that Beemer doesn’t want anyone sneaking a peek at the cylinder heads. They also don’t mind them not getting any direct airflow, pointing to the new R1300 being totally liquid-cooled – not air-cooled with liquid-cooled heads as is currently the case. This is a theory that is backed up by the appearance of the new, larger radiators.