Replica 1:1 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure built from cardboard is flat-pack fab!

Check out this fully cardboard BMW R 1250 GS Adventure assembled by a lad in Brazil! Brilliant workmanship and surprisingly detailed, you have to see this.

bmw r 1250 gs adventure cardboard replica

A full cardboard BMW R 1250 GS Adventure replica has been assembled - or perhaps, folded - by a budding adventure bike fan in Brazil, because just when you think you’ve seen it all, there is always something more! 

A genuine 1:1 replica, this cardboard GS Adventure 'Blue Peter' bike has been built on metal frame (or perhaps tubes of kitchen roll for all we know), a signature boxer engine assembled in painstaking detail, plus even wheels & hoops.

Looking over the build photos has certainly piqued our curiosity here at Visordown and it’s really rather astounding how true-to-life the final project turned out. 

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure vs Ducati Multistrada V4 2021 | Visordown.com

It remains to be seen if this would, in fact, cope with adverse weather & rain better than an actual BMW, so in the interests of integrity we can only reserve judgement... ahem. Still, a little bit of water won't necessarily kill our flat-pack Bimmer, just make sure you've stocked up on some cling film for when the weather turns. Running costs will be determined by whether you prefer own brand cling film or can stretch to something like Bacofoil.

The BMW fanbase - especially the R 1250 one - is vast, ever-growing and clearly worldwide - and cardboard motorcycles aren’t a new thing, lockdown or not. I know my time in lockdown certainly wasn’t spent this productively.

A BMW R 1250 GS. Made of cardboard. Yep!

It’s probably one of the only times someone has received something from Amazon and found the oversized box for your purchase is actually handy, chucked away the contents and went inside with the box - whether this prompts BMW to consider some of its engineering practices remains to be seen but it would be a cheaper way fix spent BMW parts than it currently is.........

So, would you pay over the odds for your adventure bike, or build it yourself in the garage? 

If it all goes wrong, as we say, at least replacement parts & labour costs would actually be a reasonable price - just some sellotape, glue and a few swearwords and you’re back on the road!

Iconic headlight, pannier kit, mirrors, screen, handguards… plus side stand AND centre stand, it’s all here. The attention to detail really astonishes, and can only really rival that of BMW themselves.

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but there must be an actual motorcycle in it for this guy from the German manufacturer - or a Blue Peter badge at the very least, surely? If not, a one-off ‘Karton Rider’ colour option (that’s cardboard in German by the way, thanks Google Translate).

Hopefully BMW sees the light-hearted side of this and not send him a cease and desist order... but if it does come down to that, at least he can fold it back up and pop into the suitcase for any trips to Munich.

^ no, he hasn't painted it and taken it off-road, this is just for reference

Legendary workmanship in any case, has to be said. I’m sure BMW will be collecting their cardboard at the factory to design their next prototype, seeing it’s now a possibility!

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