White Motorcycle Concepts unveil their electric WMC250EV speed machine

A first look at the aerodynamic potential of the White Motorcycle Concepts WMC250EV - it’s got a hole in the middle! Will it break the land speed record?

White Motorcycle Concepts WMC250EV electric motorcycle revealed

AIMING to break both the national and world land speed records, White Motorcycle Concepts has unveiled their WMC250EV electric motorcycle at an event at Silverstone. 

It’s the first time we’ve had a look at the final concept, past the silhouetted images which conveniently covered the V-Air sized hole through the centre of the motorcycle. All in the name of aerodynamic reduction, and in WMC’s words, something that could double the range of an electric battery. 

That duct that runs through the bike is said to reduce the air resistance by 70% - which is an astonishingly large number, also helping keep the front wheel stuck to the ground, and keep the motorcycle stable at speed. 

With four hub-mounted motors, two 20kW motors in the front and two 30kW in the rear, the WMC250EV weighs a hefty 300kg~ and is a low & long machine, 2.44 metres in length and 1.19 metres in height, with “5 times more load on the front axle than a conventional motorcycle”.

White Motorcycle Concepts - electric power to break speed records?

Robert White, founder & CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts, is hoping his concept will break the current 366.94 kp/h record set by Max Biaggi aboard the Voxan Wattman, aiming for 400 kp/h plus when he climbs in the motorcycle. 

Judging from the wind-tunnel images, the rider and machine will practically glide through the air with little disturbance, with the rider crouched behind the carbon bodywork and fairings in a super-tucked position. 

Following successful test runs, and hopefully some new records, the WMC300FR city-based three-wheeled scooter will build from the technological knowledge gained here, and hopefully offer double the range of the current electric vehicles on offer.

Reference: Motorrad Online

Watch the WMC250EV reveal video:

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