Energica 3D prints street-legal 150mph bike

The Ego is the brand's first foray into road legal machines

Energica 3D prints street-legal 150mph bike

ENERGICA is currently building Italy’s first street legal electric motorcycle, complete with 3D printed parts.

The Ego will be the Italian manufacturer’s first foray into road-going machines. It will feature a 107kW electric powertrain, with three second 0 to 60mph acceleration and a top speed of 150mph.

And a selection of the parts, including the dashboard and seat, have been produced by CRP Group, a company specialising in ‘rapid prototyping materials for 3D printing’, in order to speed up the development process.

The dash was made using Windform LX 3.0, a polyamide composite reinforced with glass fibres. Using the SLS 3D printing, CRP was able to fabricate prototype dashboards within two days.

The seat, meanwhile, was made from Windform RL material – a rubber-like thermoplastic.

While these parts may not make it to the production model, they enabled Energica to speed up the production process significantly.