Electric Evoke Urban series gets ‘smoother’ updates for 2020

The Evoke Urban series is updated for the 2020 model year with software upgrades designed to make it smoother and more powerful

Evoke Urban Cruiser

It seems as though we are reporting on the launch of a new electric motorcycle every other day, but while we see this continuing well into the future, of those frequent unveilings it’s easier to filter out which are legitimate and which are the fanciful, start-up creations with better ideas than executions.

However, there are some which have made notable strides, one of which is burgeoning Chinese company Evoke Motorcycles, which has come to market in the last month with the Urban Series.

Sharply styled – if noticeably cheap in places – the Evoke Urban Series does however have a fairly big brain, which has allowed the firm to update the model fairly easily just weeks into production based on initial feedback. 

Whilst the benefits of linear power – swift acceleration and continuous torque – are a reason to go electric if you are living in stop-start commuter-centric areas, it’s less appealing if the delivery is inconsistent.

As such, Evoke has developed a Sine Wave Inverter which is designed to deliver power more smoothly. It’ll also be quicker, with an 800 phase amp on the 2020 models, double that of the model currently on sale. By remapping the throttle, the power is easier to manage and more natural to the riding experience, according to Evoke.

It has also developed an upgraded LCD screen, which now no longer requires riders to stop the bike to unlock the screen. It means riders can now change modes – Pro and City – on the move.

There is no word on when the updates will make their way over to the UK, where the Evoke Urban Series is available in selected dealerships. 

Evoke Urban performance and technical figures

Top speed81 mph
Acceleration0-60 mph in 6 seconds
Max power19 kW peak / 11Kw continuous
Max torque116.6 Nm (86 lbs/ft)
Motor typeHigh power hub
City range (30 mph)124 miles
Highway range (60 mph)75 miles
Max capacity8.7 kWh
Charging time3 hours
Battery life124,275 miles
Weight185kg (408 lbs)
Load capacity150 kg (330 lbs)