EBR 1190AX adventure bike confirmed

New model confirmed by VP of Global Sales at EBR

ERIK Buell Racing will soon be releasing a sports-adventure bike based on its 1190 V-twin platform.

Dubbed the 1190AX, the bike will be the third model in EBR’s line-up following the company’s 1190RX superbike and 1190SX streetfigher.

Gary Pietruszewski, VP of Global Sales at EBR, confirmed the new model, adding there was no certainty as to when the new model would arrive, but ‘For sure not in 2015,’

Given that the naked SX got the same 185hp and 101.6ft.lb of its faired RX superbike sibling, it wouldn’t be mad to assume that the engine in the adventure model will also be left unchanged.