Ducati ‘Project 1708’ Superleggera’s eye-watering specs… and price!

Specs for the much anticipated Ducati Superleggera 'Project 1708' have leaked revealing eye-watering figures... and a shocking price!


Specifications for the much-vaunted Ducati Superleggera V4 have leaked showing the ultra-exclusive superbike will boast some mind-boggling stats… but do so at an eye-watering price.

Having brought the world the Panigale V4 and the V4R, the Superleggara will follow its predecessors by ratcheting out more power from the ‘standard’ modes and – more crucially – trimming some of the fat to ensure it leans away from its Superbike base and more towards MotoGP.

According to a leaked document posted onto GPOne.com, the machine – dubbed Project 1708 – boasts these headline specs:

  • 224bhp @ 15,250rpm
  • 85.3Ib.ft torque @11,750rpm
  • 152kg dry weight
  • Bi-plan wings delivering 50kg of downforce @ 167.7mph

No top speed or acceleration figures are included in the document, but you can probably guess…

Indeed, it is the diet this machine has taken that arguably catches the eye having slashed the Panigale V4R’s already toned 193kg by 41kg to bring it down to the 152kg – given Superleggera means ‘super light’ in Italian, the moniker has never been used quite so fittingly as it does here.

The document, however, shows this is a special motorcycle for those with an especially sizeable bank account (or credit limit) with prices listed to begin at $100,000 (around £75,000 depending on when you look).

Given the Panigale V4 R is priced at $40,000 in the US, that weight loss and such equates to more than double a premium over the already expensive premium motorcycle.

Still, for that you also get a full Ducati GP19 MotoGP livery and probably all the bragging rights you could want to compensate for the gigantic hole it’ll leave in your finances.