Ducati Monster (2021) | What’s new? 10 things you need to know about!

The iconic Ducati Monster has seen quite a large revamp for 2021, but what’s new on this Monster motorcycle from the Italian manufacturer hailing from Borgo Panigale, Bologna?

2021 Ducati Monster

BORN in October 1992, the Ducati Monster was an innovative and completely new motorcycle from the Italian giants - whilst not being quite as extreme or sporty as the other models, it gave the same feelings of pure Ducati fun. 

After more than 350,000 sales over the years, the Monster has become a bit of a sub-brand in its own right, so it was important for this new Monster to bring something new to the table. It’s still a sporty road bike, but with a touch more 2021 flavour. 

Code-named ‘Ristretto’ whilst in development, which is basically a shot of espresso, the main goal was to develop a bike that wasn’t just a nostalgic re-creation of the past. Ducati wanted to create a motorcycle that gave that same essence as their sports bikes, but in a compact and light form that anyone could jump on and enjoy.

New 2021 Ducati Monster Revealed | Specs, details and features | Visordown.com

What makes up the 2021 Ducati Monster and Monster +? 

Let’s dive into the stand-out features on this latest iteration, and see if it lives up to the iconic name - without sacrificing its heritage in the process. 

1. No more trellis frame
That’s right, the first thing you’ll notice is the trellis frame has been removed in favour of a superbike derived chassis, with the aluminium front frame derived from the Panigale V4. It’s 60% lighter, and only weighs 3kg!

2. Weight is down 18kg from the previous generation
Every single part on this new Monster has been looked at for maximum weight savings, with aluminium only used where needed - on weight-bearing and critical parts. The whole bike only weighs 166kg, thanks to a super lightweight cast and extruded aluminium monocoque frame (-4.5kg), a new swingarm from the Multistrada (-1.6kg), rims (-1.7kg), and rear subframe (-1.9kg) with Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer. 

3. Engine capacity and power upped
The Testastretta desmodromic 11º L-twin now has an increased capacity at 937cc, delivering 111 bhp at 9250rpm and 93 Nm of torque (69 lb-ft) at 6500rpm, replacing the old 821. Plus, the motor unit has reduced in weight by 2.4kg - so you have more torque at the low end, as well as a lighter bike - a great combination!

4. New engine parts
Continuing on, the engine unit has all new parts, including: an up-down quickshifter as standard, new rods, pistons, gear drum, clutch, cylinder heads, stick coils, clutch, alternator… the new clutch and clutch cover shave 2 kg of weight themselves. The up-down quickshifter has been designed with the new hardware, so it’s a perfect integration. 

5. Adjusted dimensions
There’s now 7º more steering angle, allowing for around 1m smaller u-turns. Further, the riding position has been adjusted, with pegs moved for more comfort, and aluminium taper handlebars are 65mm closer - so less weight is on your arms when riding. 

6. The Monster has a new brain
The 6-axis IMU has been updated, and the monster has been given a new ‘brain’ to handle the electronics - with 3 rider modes (Sport, Touring, Urban) and smart power modes, the IMU adapts electronic control for the rider, with full customisation through the 4.3” TFT display. This interface has been taken from the Multistrada V4, with 8 levels of traction control, 4 levels of wheelie control, 3 ABS levels (including a switchable rear-wheel ABS switch). 

7. Recognisable parts
Ducati hopes you will recognise the 14-litre bison-back fuel tank and round-ish headlight as nods to the previous Ducati lineage. 

8. Perfect for rookies
With new lower weight, the possibility to lower the seat (lower suspension and low seat options for a seat height to range from 820mm to 775mm), redesigned lines to make the Monster narrower between your legs, and it can be restricted for A2 licence holders. Plus self-cancelling indicators!

9. Customisation kits
Ducati also provides the option for customisation kits to alter the look of the Monster, with plastic and decal ‘cover kits’ to give your Monster that unique look you may be after. There are a load of official accessories to choose from! Plus two Termignoni exhausts, one race exhaust that ups torque and power by 4%, or a slip-on road-legal exhaust!

10. It’s a bike of today, not yesterday
Monster fans may wonder why this new Monster bears the same name if it’s so different. When asked, Ducati responded to say they wanted to keep the Monster brand alive, but inject a bit of life into the motorcycle. They didn’t want it to be a nostalgic look back with no new features, they wanted to bring the taste of Ducati to the entry-level market.

There won’t be a smaller CC option, and this will be the only Ducati Monster to hit dealers in 2021 - some may say the capacity is leaning to the higher end for an entry-level bike, and I’d somewhat agree. 
I can only imagine buying one as your first A2 motorcycle and trying to insure it. In fact, I don't want to even think about that.

Speaking of money, the Monster is £10,295, and the Monster + starts at £10,693.