Shednought | New £10,000 British-built utility bike launched

The Shednought is aimed at tech fans and geeks who want a modular electric bike that can be upgraded and altered thanks to its modular design

Shednought electric motorcycle

MOST bikers have had the ‘I want to build my own motorcycle’ itch at one point or another in their lives. For a few it’ll end up with them creating the bike of their dreams Allen Millyard-style, for most, it’ll mean their part-finished creation ends up festering in the dark-web end of eBay.

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One way you could fulfil part of this dream is to hook up with the people at Shed Rides, who have just announced their first bike, the aptly named Shednought.

You can either opt to build the bike yourself of have it sent fully constructed and ready to go. You can also modify and alter it along the way, thanks to a novel modular design. Indeed, the Shednought (great name by the way!) can be turned from a simple utility bike into a few different and equally utilitarian guises. There is a Low Loader version, the Carry All, and the imaginatively named Gone Fishing, complete with a rear tackle box and rod carrier.

The bikes are part of a drive to hopefully enable the Shed Rides team to release its first mass-market machine, the Shed One (not so good name!). Each bike will be individually numbered and it's actually road legal, allowing you to turn London hipsters tweed with envy. There are alarms on offer, an Android-driven display and whole host of options that potential new owners can choose from.

Andy Trainor of Shed Rides said:

“From the outset, we decided that a short-range utility motorcycle with a top speed over 50mph that evolves the tradition of motorcyclists customising and maintaining their own motorcycles is where we wanted to be. The SHED ONE is the perfect commuter or utility motorbike – easily adapted to your specific personal or business purpose. Whether you want total reliability, a transport solution far kinder to the environment, or just enjoy fettling, because you can, this could well be your cup of tea. Our thing is to encourage long-term ownership and for it to be adaptable to a variety of uses. That’s how SHED ONE has been designed and built.”

And then there is the price… the Shednought comes in at a hefty £10k. That’s basically the same as two Honda Groms, half a Panigale V4, or a paid up trip down Route 66 for you and a mate, although I may be missing the point.

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