Cuddly Honda RC174 ‘replica’ brakes cover

The retro and custom bike maker Zeths has announced what might just be the cutest race replica ever, as its One-Joy ZOD 125 Mike Hailwood RC174 rep’ is revealed.

Mini Honda RC174 replica

It is a miniaturised recreation of one of the most iconic racing motorcycles ever made, the screaming RC174, also known simply as the Honda Six.

Raced in period by the legendary Mike ‘The Bike’ Hailwood, the original RC174 was an out-and-out racer, and despite boasting just a little over 60 bhp, its 17,000rpm redline could help the 297cc machine to a top speed of more than 160mph.

It’s fair to say, the creation that Zeths has created is a little more sedate, being powered by a highly recognisable 125cc engine, that’s reported to have a power output of around 8.5bhp. It’s a familiar motor as it has literally been around for decades in one form or another, and can trace its roots back to the original Honda Super Cub of the late 1950s.

Strip off the fairings of the bike though and you’ll find a bike very similar to the original ‘Monkey’ bikes of the 70s and 80s, with a pressed steel frame and swingarm, telescopic forks at the front and emulsion shocks at the rear. In summary; a race bike this ain’t! 

You do at least get disc breaks front and rear, something owners of the original Monkey bikes would probably be very appreciative of!

There’s obviously very little chance of the bike ever finding its way to the UK or Europe, although if it did, it’d probably do quite well. Given the hero status that Mr Hailwood has over here, I’m sure most of us could find a space in the garage for this dinky £1,000 machine.

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