Check out the Kawasaki ZX-25R spitting flames on open pipes

The Kawasaki ZX-25R is being given a thorough warm-up in the latest video as it spits flames from the open Yoshimura exhaust system

Kawasaki ZX-25R exhaust

THE diminutive sports bike from Kawasaki is being given the hype it deserves again today, as the latest video teaser from Kawasaki shows a modified version of the machine being warmed.

It’s worth noting that the bike featured in the video is the race-only version of the bike that is destined for a one-make race series in Asia. Although all of the aftermarket parts fitted to the machine are available to buy, from the carbon bodywork to the all-important Yoshimura racing exhaust system.

And it’s that exhaust that is the focus of this video as the 250cc, four-cylinder pocket-rocket spits blue flames from the open end-can.

Kawasaki ZX-25R engine sound

The video shows the bike strapped to a dyno with a Kawasaki technician showing us what the bike sounds like when taken from idle to the 17k rpm redline.

The exhaust note from the lightweight four-into-one exhaust sounds spot on, with the added bonus of the flames taking me back to the first public viewings of the Ninja H2 on the dyno at the NEC all those years ago.

As the bike featured is the race-only version of the ZX-15R, it’s not clear if the engine is stock or if some tweaking has gone on behind the scenes to help the firework display – and the bike's performance.

Kawasaki plans to create a one-make racing series with the Ninja ZX-25R as the machine to use. That series should get going in Japan starting and begin in 2021. That’s why it revealed the race version of the motorbike in March. The series will be open for experienced as well as beginner riders and Kawasaki is even reported to be considering a demo race later this year.