the CFMoto CF1250J is the biggest Chinese motorcycle ever

The new CFMoto CF1250J uses KTM mechanicals, R1250 RT styling and the biggest Chinese-made motorcycle engine ever

CFMoto CF1250J

IF you spotted the latest new bike from CFMoto riding along the road in front of you, and somebody told you it was a Chinese bike. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the normal-sized grand tourer could be powered by a small capacity engine or 400 or 500cc.

And you could be forgiven because, when it comes to bikes, China has always been happy to hide the truth, behind over-sized chassis, bodywork, and wheels. But not this time, the CFMoto CF1250J is a full-on GT bike and it’s backed with a full-on GT bike’s engine.

CFMoto CF1250J specs and features

The bike is the fruition of the tie-up between KTM and Chinese brand CFMoto, and is just one of a long line of bikes the two brands hope to produce hand in hand. While many of the offerings are small capacity retro-style café racers and cruisers, the CF1250J looks like a bike that if priced accordingly, it could have global appeal.

It’s powered by a CFMoto built version of KTM’s LC8 engine – found in bikes like the Super Duke and Super Adventure – although CFMoto has gone to town on the new unit. They’ve changed the external structure of the motor, reworking the casings and even changed the internal dimensions, reducing the unit from 1301 to 1279cc.

The bike you can see in the pictures is (obviously) a police bike, and will be used by Chinese police prior to the bike going on sale to the general public. Once the production version is ready, the bike will lose the sirens and lights and will gain the all-important pillion perch.

The bike shown also benefits from one of the coolest looking dash-layouts we think we’ve ever seen, with the entire console doubling as some sort of widescreen TFT. Sure, it could be quite distracting if the screen doesn’t dim at night time, but it is clear intent that the Chinese brands are now gunning for the previously untouchable Japanese and European manufacturers.