Is this the Brough Superior-inspired Aston Martin AMB-001?

The Aston Martin AMB-001 - the iconic sportscar firm's collaboration with Brough - allegedly appears on its social media channels ahead of EICMA debut

Aston Martin AMB-001

Images purporting to be the new Aston Martin AMB-001 have surfaced ahead of the motorcycle’s anticipated debut at the 2019 EICMA show in Milan.

One to file under ‘curious’, a handful of news outlets say the images were first spotted by Japanese publication Autoby, which insists they appeared on Aston Martin’s own Facebook page wearing the name AMB-001. Except the photos are nowhere to be seen now.

Were they uploaded by mistake, or was it an attempt to drum up some publicity under the guise of ‘error’?

Either way, while we’ll stop short of saying this ‘definitely’ it, we are fairly certain this is what will be iconic British sportscar manufacturer Aston Martin’s first two-wheel venture, which has been made possible through a collaboration with another renowned UK marque, Brough.

We’ll surmise the name – AMB-001 – stands for Aston Martin Brough, in much the same way the firm’s upcoming Red Bull-engineered hypercar is dubbed AMRB-001.

The machine itself is certainly a wild-looking thing, with its domed front-end leading to a similarly bulky cover that looks to have been designed to accentuate aerodynamics for speed rather than comfort. To our eyes, there is something very MotoGP about it.

There is certainly a lot of engine there too, with one of the images confirming a V2 turbo to be doing the business under the skin. If these images have spoiled the big reveal, then we’re still curious to know what power output it is packing…

What we can be certain of is the AMB-001 will be an exclusive machine, much like Brough motorcycles before it.

Moreover, the resemblance in the front-end, the racing green colour scheme and the similar nomenclature to the upcoming hypercar (which will race in the revised World Endurance Championship) suggests this could be part of some sub-brand offset from your DB11’s and Vantage’s, one no doubt marketed towards a very select (rich) audience base.

All will be revealed on November 5