BMW tease updated and more track focused S 1000 RR

BMW looks set to be announcing a new S 1000 RR and it could be the most track focused yet!

BMW S 1000 RR track model

BMW is about to pull the covers off what we’re guessing is a newly updated and more track-focused S 1000 RR.

We don’t have much to go on with this, other than the official picture from BMW’s Facebook page and some whisperings in the media, but from what we can tell the S 1000 RR is about to serious shot in the arm!

BMW S 1000 RR video review

BMW S1000RR Review 2019

Since the latest round of updates to the model, launched in 2019, the flagship sports bike from Beemer has always been know as a great allrounder, on the road or track. It features a raft of real-world creature comforts such as cruise control and heated grips, and that svelte looking fairing made the 200bhp S 1000 RR a firm favourite.

For 2021 though it might be about to gain a new, more hardcore stablemate, that’s more at home on the track than anywhere else.

The teaser image you can see at the top of the page is directly taken from the BMW Facebook page, and it clearly shows the latest generation S 1000 RR sat in what looks like a wind tunnel surround by some dry-ice that was leftover from a Kraftwerk concert. With that location in mind, it makes you think that BMW may have been honing the final form of the new bike in a just such a wind tunnel, maybe this version is inclusive of the now obligatory aerodynamic devices we’ve all been reading about?

One of a number of patents BMW has filed showing a sports bike with winglets - could this be it?

The image does though show a road legal bike, lights and mirrors are all in place. So it’s not going to be a track-only model like the HP4 Race. This could fan the flames of intrigue regarding those wings; if BMW was looking to add a bike with wings to the WSBK grid, it’d have to homologate those wings on just such a road bike.

For more clarity, we’ll have to stay tuned to the Facebook page. If you can’t manage that, we’ll do it for you and post an update once we know exactly what is going on!