Bajaj Pulsar 400 sports bike revealed

The latest lightweight sports bike from Indian motorcycle giant Bajaj has been unveiled

Bajaj RS 400

TAKING over from the Pulsar 200, the newly spotted Pulsar 400 takes the same blend of sporty looking styling that’s underpinned by a 373cc, triple-spark engine that produces around 40bhp.

Don’t be fooled by the Pulsar’s styling though, it’s likely that the bike is to be more of a commuter machine wearing a race-bike set of leathers, with many of the components used leaning more to the budget side of things.

We have conventional telescopic forks, a single, non-radial mounted front brake, LED lights, and a digital dash is about all you’ll get. Powering the machine is the same engine as the Dominar 400, which means the engine is effectively the same as the KTM Duke 390 unit – a lump that Bajaj already builds for KTM.

It’s safe to assume the bike will feature two-channel ABS with no cornering functions and little to nothing in the way of riding and power modes. Likewise, to keep costs down the suspension will most likely be non-adjustable save for mechanical pre-load on the rear shock.

To start with, the Indian-built machine won’t be available in its home country, as Indonesia looks to be the first nation to get to grips with the biggest machine in the Bajaj line-up. A later launch in India though is almost a certainty given the strong foothold Bajaj has there. While it’s unlikely that the Pulsar 400 will ever make it to the UK in this form, it could form the basis of a future project the company has with some EU-based brands in years to come. Bajaj has a well-known and longstanding partnership with KTM, but also with Triumph in recent months signing a deal with the Hinckley firm. Could a new small capacity Daytona be lurking in their somewhere?