Aprilia updates the RSV4 and introduces a 'Factory Works' version, the RSV4 R-FW

Rear suspension changes and V4-MP software as standard for the 2016 RSV4. Factory Works programme will build race ready bikes

The 2016 RSV4

For 2016 Aprilia has given the RSV4 a range of updates that focus it even more directly on track performance, not that its exactly lacking that at the moment 

The 2016 RSV4 will also come with Aprilia’s V4-MP software as standard. V4-MP is a system that allows the bike the interact with a smartphone, so owners can use their phones to change the bike’s settings not only before riding, but also on a turn-by-turn telemetry-style basis.

Aprilia says that the 2016 RSV4 has also been given ‘more effective rear suspension’ but isn’t elaborating any more that that.

For next year, the bike also gets a different ‘Superpole’ graphic.

There’s no word on how these changes will affect the price.

Aprilia Factory Works

If the only thing putting you off buying an RSV4 is that you think it’s not track focused enough, then consider your problem solved.

Aprilia’s new Factory Works programme will produce RSV4s that are optimized for performance on track and produced in accordance with the superbike and superstock regulations of series across the world. It is open to racers and members of the public alike.

Factory Works bikes will be given chassis preparation, electronics packages and engine tunes suitable for whatever class they’re being raced in, right up to a top-level of tune exceeding 230hp.

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