All-electric Zero SR range tweaked for 2022 charge, adds Cypher fettle option

Zero gives its all-electric S, SR/F and SR/S range a tweak for 2022, most notably the launch of its new Cypher option that allows numerous set-up choices

Zero SR/S

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled its refreshed SR range with tweaks to the styling, colour options and, most importantly, a large battery for greater range and performance.

One of the forerunners of the electric movement, though Zero isn’t competing in a crowded marketplace as manufacturers hesitate on which direction to take with their zero-exhaust emission models, it is well placed for the impending shift to EV.

After launching the FXE Enduro motorcycle in the summer, Zero is preparing for 2022 with a host of updates to its SR range comprising the standard S and flagship SR/F roadster and the more recently launched SR/S sportsbike.

For 2022, both models get use of a standard 14.4kW battery with 140ft-Ib of torque, 110hp, plus the option of upgrading to a 15.6kW battery offering around 160 miles range in the city and 80 miles out on the open road. It comes with a 6W integrated charger to ensure full charge is reached in less than three hours. 

With electric models able to benefit from hardware updates at the click of a few buttons, Zero comes with its own ‘operating system’ - named Cypher III+ - which allows for the 17.3kW battery option to travel for up to 187 miles in the city, plus the top of the range 20.9kW Power Tank option, which raises it further to 227 miles.

Indeed, with data and coding a factor in electric motorcycles, unlike their conventionally powered contemporaries, Zero touts the benefit of being able to fettle your SR/F or SR/S to deliver the kind of performance on tap you want.

It says owners can change the metrics between 15-50% in terms of performance, while there are packs designed to post range or faster charging depending on which is most significant to you. These can all be purchased in the Cypher Store - think of it as an App Store for motorcycles.

Prices for the base Zero S come in at £14,410 and rise to the £19,590 for the SR/S.

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