201hp 1200Nm Verge TS Ultra electric motorcycle confirmed

Finnish motorcycle maker Verge has announced the new TS Ultra, an electric motorcycle boasting over 200hp and 25-minute recharge times


THE Verge TS Ultra broke cover on social media yesterday, a hubless electric motorcycle with some impressive performance stats, and an eye-watering price.

The UK might be in the middle of a financial crisis, but that isn’t putting off the Finnish brand, as yesterday it pulled the wraps off its latest €44,900 electric bike. Like the other models in the range, it features an innovative and eye-catching hub-mounted electric motor, although in this model the specs have been cranked up to eleven! We all know that electric bikes offer previously unheard-of levels of torque, but with 1,200Nm (885lb-ft) on offer, the new TS Ultra is really pushing the boundaries!

 Power is also up on the TS and TS Pro models, (which produce 107, and 136hp respectively) with the new bike producing a claimed 201hp at the rear wheel. The new bike is also said to go further and charge faster than its smaller siblings, with its makers claiming a 275km (170 miles) range and 25-minute recharge times when using a fast-charging system.

Verge TS Motorcycles Specs


TS Pro

TS Ultra


80kW (107hp)

102kW (136hp)

150kW (201hp)


700Nm (516lb-ft)

1,000Nm (737lb-ft)

1,200Nm (885lb-ft)

Recharge time








Price (from)




The TS Ultra also gains revised styling over the existing bikes with a more angular and aggressive front headlight surround, and a new seat hump to help you cling on when you call on the electric motor.

There is an elephant in the room though, and it comes, as is often the way with electric bikes, from the machine's price. At today's rates, the TS Ultra’s €44,900 price tag converts to £39,488. That’s nearly a grand more than the current flagship of the Ducati range, the latest generation Panigale V4 R. So, you could have a funky-looking electric bike from a relative unknown, or you could have what is widely reputed to be the best pound-for-pound sportsbike on the planet right now.

Tough choice!

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