The Wild One: Red Bull Romaniacs returns for 2017

The world’s toughest hard enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs, returns to the unforgiving wilderness of Romania on July 25

The Wild One: Red Bull Romaniacs returns for 2017

By Adam Simpson

HAILED as one of the most gruelling motorcycle races on the planet, the Red Bull Romaniacs is set to return for its 14th edition.

Spanning across four days, the notorious off-road race will kick off in Sibu, Romania on July 25 and will see riders from 49 countries push themselves and their bikes to the limit across a series of challenging and varied stages.

Organisers have dubbed the 2017 Romaniacs ‘The Wild One’, and it is rumoured that the courses have lots of new surprises for the riders to keep them on their toes – and the crowds entertained.

“With the wildest and most remote tracks ever, a ‘wild’ party and quite a few new crazy ideas to spice things up for riders and spectators, things are about to get ‘different” say Romaniac officials.

The final touches are being put to the course as you read this, and with under two weeks to go the riders are all making their final preparations. 

Last year’s Romaniacs winner Jonnie Walker will be looking for a repeat performance, but will be facing stiff competition from the likes of fellow Brit Graham Jarvis, Alfredo Gomez, Wade Young, David Knight and many more hungry, talented and determined riders.

You will be able to watch the full Red Bull Romaniacs live on Red Bull TV.

The Prolgue: a brutal opening section that challenges the best and takes no prisoners. Photo: Mihai Stetcu/Red Bull Content Pool.

A rider makes good time across Romania’s stunning open hills. Photo: Attila Szabo / Red Bull Content Pool.

Great Britain’s Ben Hemmingway demonstrates the text book way to negotiate the steep climb through the trees. Photo: Attila Szabo / Red Bull Content Pool.