WATCH: Spectator taken out in Red Bull extreme enduro crash

That's got to hurt...

EXTREME  ENDURO is, as the name suggests, pretty crazy.

Riders face huge obstacles, steep climbs and a massive risk of injury. And it's not much safer for spectators. 

At this weekend's red bull-sponsored Bassella Race, held in Lleida in North-Eastern Spain, one spectator got more than he bargained for, when an out-of-control bike came flying at him. 

As the Husqvarna rider tackled a steep uphill tyre section, he whisky throttled the bike from between his legs, sending it skyward and towards the crowd. 

One unlucky spectator took the full brunt of the bike, and was knocked down the hill, where others rushed to his aid. 

Online, viewers have expressed well wishes for the spectator, while others have criticised the rider for not being able to handle a two-stoke...

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