Top five most expensive dirtbikes

Got £74,000 kicking about for a dirtbike? Here's Steve McQueen's...

Top five most expensive dirtbikes

Having a thrash around some fields on an old YZ125 is the stuff of teenage memories but getting some dirt thrills now, especially on an exclusive footing, isn’t something to be taken lightly…

5 Alta Redshift MXR – £8,500

 A lot of people would say that electric is the future – the future of motorsport and the future of motoring in general. For now, however, electric is expensive. These huge batteries ain’t cheap to make, and so the products that utilise them are going to reflect that.

So far, Alta Motors have been the kings of the electric future in the dirt bike world. Currently they are the only guys that produce fully-fledged, race-ready electric motorcycles. Their Redshift range boasts several models, the most expensive of which is the new MXR, with a cost of around £8,500.

4 Honda CRF450R Dave Thorpe Replica – £9,049

KTM and Husqvarna released ‘Factory Edition’ models for 2018. These limited-edition machines were sold exclusively in the States and – because an official price was never announced – it’s difficult to say just how costly they are. However, rumour has it that a ‘Factory Edition’ bike would set you back in excess of £7,000.

Honda also released a special edition for 2018. Their Dave Thorpe Replica bike comes with a multitude of extras and trick bits. Readily available in the UK, this motor will set you back £9,049 – that’s over £1,500 more than the stocker.

3 Cake KALK – £12,400

Back on electric avenue, we have recently seen a wave of electric e-bikes and e-dirt bikes hit the market. These range from electric push bikes to full on off-road motorcycles. One of the coolest, most unique (in terms of looks) of these bikes comes out of Sweden; the Cake KALK has an eye watering price tag of 14,000 euros – that’s approximately £12,400. But just look at it.

2 Harley Davidson MP119 – £20,000

A group of mud-loving bike builders undertook the task of transforming a Harley Davison Street Rod into a fully-fledged motocross machine – with spectacular results. The MP119 is a striking thing of beauty, born from the collaboration of the Diamond Range (RD Custom Bikes), Shaw Speed and Custom, Harley Davidson Europe and pro motocross racer Mel Pocock. There’s no official price tag for this one-of-a-kind bike, but the estimated cost floats somewhere around £20,000.

1 Steve McQueen 1963 Triumph Bonneville Desert Sled – £73,133

If you’re looking for the most expensive dirt bike about (excluding top-of-the-line genuine factory race bikes) the 1963 Triumph Bonneville Desert Sled owned by Steve McQueen might just be it. This little slice of The King of Cool's history sold at Bonhams for a whopping £73,133 – about the price of a new Porsche 911.