'Hardenduro' edition joins 2024 KTM EXC range

The 2024 KTM EXC enduro range has now been joined by the Six Days edition bikes, featuring Argentina-inspired graphics, and special edition components.

2024 KTM 300 EXC Hardenduro

The 2024 KTM EXC enduro range has been given another addition, in the form of the 2024 KTM 300 EXC Hardenduro, which is an all-new variant of the EXC for the new model year.

The 2024 KTM 300 EXC Hardenduro is pretty much exactly what the name would suggest to you, which is a 'hardened' version of the standard KTM 300 EXC two-stroke enduro bike, named in dedication to KTM's successes in hard enduro, including at the recent 2023 Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, which was won by Red Bull KTM rider Mani Lettenbichler for the second year in succession.

Being a two-stroke model in KTM's 2024 enduro range, the 300 EXC Hardenduro features the same base as the standard 300 EXC, including 'throttle body injection' (TBI), revised bodywork, and all-new WP XACT closed-cartridge front forks. 

It also features a number of additional protective components, such as closed hand guards, clutch slave cylinder protection, a composite skid plate and brake disc guards, making the bike better-equipped to deal with the kind of terrain that would befit the name 'Hardenduro'.

2024 KTM 300 EXC Hardenduro also features additional parts, including:

  • New model-specific graphics
  • Orange frame
  • Hardenduro bar pad
  • Grey ODI lock-on grips
  • Ribbed diamante factory seat
  • Map-selection switch
  • Factory frame protector set
  • Factory wheelset, featuring black D.I.D rims, black spokes, orange-anodized hubs, and orange-anodized nipples
  • Metzeler 6 Days Extreme tyres
  • Wrap-around handguards
  • Radiator fan
  • Orange-anodized CNC-machined triple clamps
  • Composite skid plate
  • Floating front brake disc with composite front brake disc guard
  • Solid rear brake disc, with safety wire and orange rear brake disc guard
  • Orange Supersprox rear sprocket
  • Orange-anodized oil plug
  • Orange-anodized clutch slave cylinder protection
  • Front and rear pull straps

Pricing for the 2024 KTM EXC 300 Hardenduro has not yet been confirmed, but it is expected to be available from KTM dealers in July 2023. Head to the KTM website to locate your nearest dealer.

This article was originally published on 25 May 2023, and updated on 26 May 2023. It was updated again on 23 June 2023 with the above text. The previous versions of this article can be read below.

Following the launch of the 2024 KTM EXC range, the Austrian firm has released the new range of special edition ‘Six Days’ bikes, dedicated to the International Six Days Enduro.

The International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) is one of the longest-running competitive motorcycle events in the world, and this year will return to Argentina for the first time since 2014. 

As such, the KTM EXC Six Days special editions feature, for 2024, a paint scheme representing the country, with the blue and white colours of the Argentinian national flag featuring prominently on the bodywork, as well as the text “Argentina” written on the shroud.

There is also a list of components which are specific to the Six Days special edition bikes, from Metzeler 6 Days tyres, to a higher-grip seat compared to that found on the standard bikes; and new, orange frame protectors. The full list is below.

2024 KTM EXC Six Days parts list

  • Orange frame protectors
  • Six Days specific seat offering extra grip
  • Handlebar with specific Six Days bend
  • Anthracite coated silencer with Six Days logo
  • High-strength rims with Six Days logo
  • Orange-anodised CNC machined triple clamps
  • Orange front axle puller
  • Semi-floating front brake disc
  • Solid rear brake disc
  • Rear brake safety wire
  • Orange Supersprox stealth rear sprocket
  • Orange chain guide
  • Composite skid plate
  • Map-select switch
  • Radiator fan
  • Metzeler 6 Days Extreme tyres

All bikes in the 2024 KTM enduro range feature a Six Days edition, with the exception of the EXC 150. The 2024 KTM EXC Six Days range includes, therefore, the following:

  • KTM 250 EXC Six Days
  • KTM 300 EXC Six Days
  • KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days
  • KTM 350 EXC-F Six Days
  • KTM 450 EXC-F Six Days
  • KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days

UK 2024 KTM EXC Six Days pricing (include VAT, delivery to dealer and PDI):

  • KTM 250 EXC Six Days - £10,549.00
  • KTM 300 EXC Six Days - £10,749.00
  • KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days - £11,049.00
  • KTM 350 EXC-F Six Days - £11,249.00
  • KTM 450 EXC-F Six Days - £11,549.00
  • KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days - £11,749.00

Visit the KTM website to find out more, and to find your nearest dealer.

This article was originally published on 25 May 2023, and update on 26 May 2023 with the above text. The original article can be read below.

The 2024 KTM EXC range of enduro bikes has launched, with “95% new components” on the new models. 

Headlining the changelog are a new (steel, of course) frame, closed-cartridge suspension, new bodywork, an LED headlight, and updated engine technology on the two-stroke models. 

The chassis updates are applicable across the EXC two-stroke and EXC-F four-stroke ranges, with a new hydro-formed, laser-cut, and robot-welded main frame. “This brings new longitudinal and torsional flex parameters,” KTM says in a press release, with feedback and stability improvements the objective of the new frame.

There is also a new, two-piece aluminium-polyamide subframe. All of the electronics, which include a new Offroad Control Unit, are integrated to the new subframe to improve their protection, while the subframe itself has similar objectives to the main frame - feedback and “robustness,” as KTM puts it. 

The other major chassis updates regard the suspension, which now includes a 48mm WP XACT Closed Cartridge spring fork - with, KTM says, “a new mid-valve piston concept that optimises oil flow within the cartridge,” - at the front and a WP XPLOR PDS shock at the back. Both the front and rear suspension feature adjustable compression and damping, which adjust via hand clickers.

New bodywork on the surface seems a comparatively small concern after the frame and suspension updates. However, the updates to the bodywork have been focused on ergonomics, and mud repulsion and expulsion. 

In terms of ergonomics, the rider triangle has been adjusted to try to increase knee contact in the standing position, while new fins on the front mudguard are designed to prevent mud from hitting the radiator or rider. There is also a new transparent polythene fuel tank which is intended to allow better monitoring of fuel levels.

On the engine side of things, the four-stroke motor is mechanically unchanged compared to before, but its position in the new frame is adjusted - rotated two degrees backwards - for better mass centralisation. On a similar front, the front sprocket is moved 3mm lower. 

The four-stroke EXC-F models also include traction control as an option, and a quickshifter that operates on upshifts from second gear to sixth. The quickshifter is also able to be disabled via a redesigned (optional) switch on the handlebar.

On the two-stroke side of things, there is a more significant update, which KTM refers to as ‘Throttle Body Injection’ or TBI.

TBI, KTM says, “provides almost carburetor levels of ultra-smooth power delivery, while eliminating the need for re-jetting at different altitudes.”

Additionally, the reed valve case has been redesigned for the intended prevention of over-rich fuelling in up- or downhill sections. This has been done via flaps on the outside of the reed valve case to improve the sealing of the intake tract.

In total, there are seven motorcycles in the 2024 KTM enduro range, with three two-strokes and four four-strokes, which will be available in KTM dealers from June 2023. The 2024 roster consists of:

  • KTM EXC 150 (£8,949)
  • KTM EXC 250 (£9,949)
  • KTM EXC 300 (£10,949)
  • KTM EXC-F 250 (£10,449)
  • KTM EXC-F 350 (£10,649)
  • KTM EXC-F 450 (£10,949)
  • KTM EXC-F 500 (£11,149)

Visit the KTM website to find out more, and to find your nearest dealer.

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