CFMoto presents its first dirt bike, and it’s electric

A short teaser video featuring former professional racer and freestyler Ronnie Renner has unveiled plans from CFMoto to launch an electric dirt bike


CFMoto’s first dirt bike is on the way, and it’s electric CFMoto is getting ready to officially launch its first dirt bike, but instead of jumping into the combustion game, the Chinese brand is going straight to electric power.

The new dirt bike from CFMoto, the EVMX, was unveiled in a prototype-style camo livery in a video featuring FMX star and former professional motocross racer (with a best finish of 26th overall in the 250MX Budds Creek AMA National of 1999) Ronnie Renner, who it would appear has been chosen by CFMoto Global and CFMoto USA as a brand ambassador.

In comparison with Triumph, then, there are few similarities. Triumph’s fledgling dirt bike project is joining the other major manufacturers in internal combustion, while CFMoto is jumping straight into the electric field. We don’t know any technical or performance details about the EVMX yet, but there is an apparent absence of a radiator, indicating the batteries will utilise air cooling. None of the shots in the video make it easy to decipher the material used for the chassis, although CFMoto’s KTM links would of course suggest a steel frame is more likely.

Going electric for CFMoto means going up against the likes of the Stark Varg, rather than the Yamaha YZ250F or KTM 250 SX-F. The Spanish-built Varg is perhaps the best-known electric prospect in dirt bikes, having recently begun to make its first deliveries, and having made headlines when it was announced over two years ago with its 80bhp being far in advance of that of any internal combustion 450. Stark was even able to get Ken Roczen to ride the Varg on a supercross track last year when the German was between his HRC and Suzuki contracts.

The CFMoto EVMX project is of course far in delay compared to the Stark Varg, but CFMoto is also a much larger manufacturer than Stark, with a growing roster of motorcycles and ATVs, and industrial relationships with brands such as KTM, and a more recently established one with Yamaha.

CFMoto’s motocross effort is also a further confirmation of its growing interest in sports bikes and competition. Since 2022, CFMoto has sponsored the KTM-running PruestelGP team in Moto3, it has a rally raid programme including at the Dakar (albeit with ATVs), and the recently announced CFMoto 675SR indicates its interest in road-going sports bikes.