Webinar for young new riders taking place this month

The webinar is designed for new riders under 24 years old and aimed at improving their knowledge base and improving safety

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A webinar event will be taking place later this month, aimed at improving the safety of young motorcycle riders as they take their first steps in the world of two wheels.

The event, to be held on 27th June 2023, is aimed at new riders, under 24 years old and focuses on lightweight 125cc small-capacity motorcycles and scooters. It is being organised by both the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership and the National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) and will cover topics like kit and clothing (PPE) and bike maintenance, as well as riding advice and guidance. A key section of the webinar will be the motorcycle licence and training section, which covers the types of licences riders can attain, and how they can get them. There is also a section where attendees can ask the NYRF members questions and pick their brains on specific subjects.

The event is free to attend, although those wishing to take part in the online event will need to register their interest first. It’s also worth noting that while the event is aimed at younger riders aged between 16 and 24, parents and carers can attend the webinar also if they want to get an idea of the motorcycle landscape.

The webinar came about because of a study carried conducted in 2021 by the NYRF. It concluded that to help improve young rider safety and increase the number of riders moving on from 125cc to larger bikes, a website or app should be developed to help inform youngsters about the world of two wheels. This launched the New Rider Hub website in April 2022, a mobile-friendly resource covering things like taking the CBT, licences and training, bike maintenance, security and insurance. 

The Young Rider Webinar is taking place on the 27th of June 2023 between 18:30 and 20:00. Full details and how to register can be found on the website.

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