Vespas could be banned from their hometown!

The new ‘anti-Vespa’ order could see two-stroke motorcycles banned from Genoa as early as October

Vespas could be banned from their hometown!

THE iconic sound of a small capacity two-stroke Vespa, buzzing its way up a cobbled street could soon become a thing of the past if Italian lawmakers have their way.

The Mayor of Genoa and local government are looking to block any vehicles not meeting at least Euro3 regulations from entering the Ligurian (or coastal) part of the city.

The Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, said: “Together with the ordinance we will also have a tender for funding for all those who want to buy a motorcycle or an electric car and we will give the possibility, therefore, to all citizens to make this change, therefore having a more beautiful and sustainable city.’

The presence of the Italian brand of the streets of most Italian cities began in the post-war rebuild, as people looked for a cheap and convenient form of transport – importantly one that could navigate tight cobbled streets! The Vespa was an instant hit, gaining a cult following not just in Italy but across the globe.

An offshoot of Vespa’s business could also be hit hard by the city-wide bans that are sure to follow. The Ape (pronounced APPA) is a small, scooter-based three-wheeled utility machine, commonly used to transport goods from suppliers to restaurants, cafés, and bars. Piaggio (Vespa’s parent company) have filled the void with some electric and Euro3 or higher offerings – although the Army of older, still usable Apes on the road could soon be obsolete.

Are the tiny scooters the right things to ban, or do the diesel cruise ships and trains that come to the city pollute far more?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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