Thousands of German motorcyclists demonstrate against riding bans

German motorcyclists took to the streets in their thousands at the weekend, as they battle riding bans, motorcycle-only speed limits and more!

motorcycle protest

STRENGTH in numbers is the key phrase here, as motorcyclists take to the streets across the German nation as they battle motorcycle riding bans, bike-only speed limits, and ever more draconian laws.

The demonstrations took place in Nuremberg, Leipzig, Munich, Oldenburg and Cologne, also in Stuttgart, and according to reports the demos were held in accordance with social distancing measures and all outdoors.

The view from the top of the B500 just outside Baden - currently motorcycle are pegged at 50kph (31mph)

German bikers have it tough at the moment, with local councils cracking down hard on all bikers. The B500 – one of the best riding roads in Europe – has been slapped with motorcycle-only 50kph limits. Some routes have even seen complete motorcycle bans on all days. One such road is the L687 between Rönkhausen and Wildewiese (again, another stunning stretch of road) which is reported to have been closed to bikes for reasons of safety. The cynic in me puts the reason being its close proximity to the small towns that perhaps prefer the quiet life.

The situation has got so bad, European Motorcyclists Federation, FEMA, has waded in, calling for a round-table discussion between riders, stakeholders and the government last year. We can only assume those talks are not going as planned, hence the recent protests.

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And they aren’t finished yet, more demos are planned for later in the year, with the next one scheduled to take place in August. The hope is that the show of force from those that have to use the roads (and those that simply want to enjoy them) can help prevent further restrictions being loaded onto the two-wheeled community.