Easier to ride into the EU! UK vehicles no longer require insurance Green Cards

With the exact date to be confirmed, the UK is to be included in the Green Card Free Circulation Zone - great news for motorists in Northern Ireland.


Travelling in the EU is soon set to become that bit easier, thanks to the EU Commission deciding that the UK will be admitted into the ‘Green Card Free Circulation Zone’ after the UK was omitted following Brexit.

Motorists leaving the UK and taking their vehicles into European land currently require a Green Card, which acts as proof of correct vehicle insurance - and whilst still required for now, this is due to change in the coming weeks as the EU place the ruling into their official journals. 

This doesn’t look like much of a big deal to some, but getting a Green Card from your insurer can take up to 6 weeks, and may cost a bit of money in admin fees and ensuring the right cover is in place. That basically wipes out quick last-minute trips out of the UK.

Announcing the decision, the European Commission said

“The Commission has today announced a decision to waive the obligation to show the motor insurance Green Card for drivers from the UK. This will be particularly helpful for Northern Irish motorists crossing the border into Ireland.”

Green Card exemption for UK motorists

As mentioned here, this is particularly salient for Northern Irish motorists who may find themselves heading over the border to Ireland regularly - it takes that extra bit of hassle out of the equation. 

So as travel to Europe slowly becomes more of an easy-going prospect once again, this news is quite welcoming to those who may be planning a summer trip abroad as the ‘freedom day’ approaches. 

Or you can stick to the UK and explore the many great roads we have here