Italian Volt firm showing off 'leccy bikes at Goodwood

Top-end custom manufacturer 'building' electric Lacama bikes at Festival of Speed

Italian Volt Lacama

GOODWOOD IS generally a showcase for fancy stuff, and from the looks of it, the new Lacama electric bike from the Italian Volt company should fit right in. In a sea of prototype-ish electric bikes, this one looks pretty serious, with proper high-end Brembo and Ohlins chassis kit, customisable battery and motor features, and a 120mph top speed with 150-ish mile range (not at the same time sadly).

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And Brit riders can catch a glimpse of the new bike at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month. The firm will be showing off its customising prowess, by building some bikes on site at the FoS over the weekend (13-15th July). 

The firm's no stranger to showing off - its founder, Nicola Colombo rode a prototype bike for 7600 miles across Asia, from China to Italy, in 44 days, covering 12 countries. That's a world record for distance on an electric bike, apparently.

For more info on Goodwood, go here. And check out more on the Italian Volt Lacama here.