Super Soco becomes first UK electric PTW brand to surpass 1000 sales in a year

Rise of the electric? Over 1000 units sold in 2021 so far, Super Soco is the first electric motorcycle & scooter brand to reach the milestone in the UK.

Super Soco UK sales record for electric motorcycles and scooters

Super Soco is storming ahead in the UK sales charts, with the all-electric brand sitting at an impressive 17th overall on the sales tables - impressive for a brand that launched here in 2017. Now they have another notch on their chargers, becoming the first electric PTW brand to surpass 1000 unit sales in a year. 

At the end of August Super Soco has sold 1028 electric motorcycles and scooters, and further strengthens its position on the market as the fastest-growing & best-selling electric-powered two-wheeler brand in the UK. 

This comes off the back of a strong 2021 for the Chinese brand, or more accurately 18 months. Following changes in travel habits, renewable and electric modes of transport are becoming even more appealing, with MCIA figures showing electric sales ever-rising across the board. 

Particularly for Super Soco, the relatively lightweight batteries are removable and can be charged remotely for further ease-of-use, allowing riders to be less reliant on a building charging network and allowing those who live in cities to charge up from the safety of their home/office. 

In particular, the 125cc equivalent CPx maxi-scooter is the most popular electric scoot in the UK when studying the latest MCIA sales data, with the TC Max proving increasingly popular with 70% more sales against 2020 figures. There are five models in the range for now, ranging from 50cc-125cc equivalent priced between £2,249 - £4,249.

Super Soco will be happy to note that they are ‘leading the charge’, and with electric consortiums being assembled and the ‘big manufacturers’ starting to dip their toes in the water, it’ll be interesting to see how the renewable-race starts to heat up in the coming years. 

CEO of Super Soco UK, Richard Jordan, has said: 

“We are obviously very pleased as a company to have reached this sales milestone after four years of hard work to establish the brand in the UK, but more than that, we are really excited about what it means for the electric industry as a whole. No electric powered-two wheeler brand has ever sold this many units in a single year before and it really goes to prove that the shift from petrol to electric is beginning to take hold. 

Our particular focus is of course on urban mobility and the fact that Super Soco offers an efficient, affordable, convenient and zero-emission way of travelling in towns and cities right now, without major safety concerns or the worry that public infrastructure doesn’t support it. It’s a no-brainer for environmentally-aware commuters and we’re happy that the message is now translating into real life situations.”

In any case, huge congrats to Super Soco. Certainly interested in seeing what they have lined up to capitalise on their success - perhaps a radical new electric bike to compete with the TC Max

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