Selling 1000 units in 24 hours, the Stark Varg electric motocross bike

Despite deliveries estimated for February 2023, the all-electric Stark Varg sells 1000 units in its first 24 hours on sale.

Stark Varg electric motocross sells 1000 units in 24 hours

Revealed back in December 2021, the electric Stark Varg motocross bike has sold 1000 units in its first 24 hours on sale - estimated to have grossed around $8 million in that time, priced at £9,900 in the UK.

When we first saw details of the Varg, we were thoroughly impressed by the statement it was making - particularly for an electric motocrosser. 80 bhp, 938 Nm of torque, 6 hours of run time and 1-2 hours recharge? I’d need a 2 hour recharge break after 30 minutes on the thing!

At least, it’s a relief to know we weren’t the only ones impressed. The possibilities opened up by a silent all-electric motocross bike for big kids has certainly got everyone in the MX world (and beyond) excited. I say big kids because 50-125cc equivalent kids motocross bikes are commonplace now. 

Being electric does also give the opportunity to fiddle about with the power output on demand - so you could arguably restrict it down to 125cc and work your way up as you get older & more experienced. 

Its silent nature is also music to the NIMBY types, who may move next to a motocross track and dislike the sound emanating from within.

As the Stark CEO Anton Wass says, this opens up the opportunity to build tracks in more densely populated spaces, as the disturbance will be limited to the whoops and yells of the riders.

Stark Varg - the electric motocrosser with electric interest

Those placing an order were clearly not dismayed by a wait time of over a year with estimated delivery dates of 22 February 2023, the promise of a customisable 110 kg motocross bike built with advanced materials (magnesium, carbon fibre, aerospace-grade aluminium) rightly got everyone excited. 

We’ll keep our ears to the ground on this. The Stark Varg may not be the first electric motocross machine out there, but it could certainly be one of the best.


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