S1000RR sidestand recall

US announcement likely to affect motorcycles worldwide

BMW'S S1000RR has undergone a sidestand recall in the USA and even though no UK recall has yet been issued, it's likely the problem affects all S1000RRs worldwide.

The US recall states that: 'the side-stand bolts may loosen due to a manufacturing flaw, and as a result the stand can separate from the motorcycle’s frame. The problem affects 2,385 bikes built from September 2011 through December 2012. Under the recall BMW dealers will clean the side-stand mounting plate threads and replace the side-stand mounting plate bolts, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin next month'.

BMW's S1000RR is made in Germany and shipped worldwide, so this problem is unlikely to only affect US machines; it's more likely the litigious Americans are quicker to issue a recall.

Some owners of S1000RRs in the UK have complained about the sidestand bolts coming loose or the sidestand coming off completely. Call your local BMW dealer if you have an S1000RR. Better safe than sorry.