MV Agusta Would Like It Very Much If Owners Came Back To Its Dealers

The Italian brand has launched ‘We Care’ - a programme hoping to “reconnect” with customers via its refreshed dealer network

MV Agusta bike at a dealership

When we spoke to MV Agusta’s ​​head of marketing Stefano Campaci last year, he referred to the company as a “forgotten” motorcycle brand. That’s set to change, with the company getting something of a rebirth under the ownership of Perier Mobility Group.

There are new products, improved supply chain and purchasing power courtesy of fellow Perier-owned brand KTM, and “renewed dealers”. And on the latter front, MV Agusta seems to be actively hinting that things weren’t quite up to snuff previously. 

In a new press release, MV Agusta’s chief operations officer and board member Luca Martin talks of wanting to “reconnect with our customers” with a refreshed dealer network which “will now enable our customers to give their loved MV Agustas the care and attention they deserve”. The “now” seemingly suggesting this wasn’t quite possible before. 

To tempt customers back through the doors of their local MV dealer, the company is offering a complimentary check-up plus 20 per cent off service-related spare parts as part of a campaign dubbed ‘We Care’.

“The riding season is starting, and we cannot wait to take our MVs out again and to see more of our customers on the road with us,” Luca Martin concludes. The campaign covers any MV model purchased from January 2018 onwards. 

As far as the UK goes, MV Agusta’s dealer network is still small, with only nine British locations shown on the company’s website. To put that in some sort of context, fellow Italian brand Ducati has 32 locations spread across the UK. 

Admittedly, MV is pitching itself as a more exclusive, Ferrari-like brand (the LXP Orioli is limited to 500 units and set to cost the best part of £30,000), but there are plans to expand the dealer network worldwide, so in time, you shouldn’t need to travel quite so far to “reconnect.”