Motorcycles could ease congestion says Belgian motoring federation

The Belgian Automobile and Cycle Federation has stated that commuting by motorcycle could ease congestion – haven’t we been saying that for years!?

Motorcycles could ease congestion says Belgian motoring federation

THE Belgian Automobile and Cycle Federation (FEBIAC) has confirmed the news we all knew – riding a motorcycle and not taking the car could ease traffic congestion in crowded cities. Yep, we can’t figure out why it’s taken them this long to figure that out either!

The statement, reported in The Brussels Times, claims that if motorcyclists used their two-wheelers as an everyday mobility option more often, traffic congestion could be reduced. The statement comes in time for Belgium’s Ride to Work Day and the Belgian Automobile and Cycle Federation said Monday, marking the occasion of the Ride to Work Day.

The FEBIAC said: ‘Motorcycles and scooters are all too often neglected by authorities and interest groups when it comes to thinking about alternatives to the car. They prefer to highlight public transport and cycling (electric). But over greater distances, cycling is not a solution and public transport alone does not make it possible to reach all workplaces (for example, sites on the outskirts of big cities). Motorcycles and scooters also have the advantage of being able to park "in front of the door" and occupy much less parking space than a car. And since motorcycle and scooter owners spend less time in heavy traffic, their CO2 emissions are also lower.”

The FEBIAC has also called on employers to take positive steps to increase the number of staff commuting to and from work on powered two-wheelers, by offering dedicated parking, lockers for helmets and protective clothing and subsidised parking over car driving staff members.

The report finishes by saying: ‘The FEBIAC, Believes that home-work journeys on motorbikes or scooters should not be limited to this single day, but that motorcycle and scooter owners should use their two-wheelers more often, or at least as often as possible; to get to work. Everyone would win!’

Well done Belgium – we’ve only been saying the same thing for the last ten years or so…