Motorcycles are not included in 2030 petrol ban – for now!

The DfT has confirmed that motorcycles are for now ‘not in scope’ for decarbonisation bill due to take effect in 2030

Motorcycles are not included in 2030 petrol ban – for now!

THE Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed that motorcycles are, for now at least, not included in the decarbonisation bill due to take effect in 2030.

The news comes after much confusion around the bill, with a ‘will they, won’t then’ stance around powered two-wheelers only enhancing the uncertainty.

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Now though, multiple sources including the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) are confirming that the DfT has indeed ruled bikes out of the 2030 date.

It does though seem to have come after the UK government effectively forgot to include motorcycles or scooters in its Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. That in itself is something that doesn’t fill me with massive amounts of confidence.

To confirm the point, MAG contacted the DfT on their stance on motorcycles and the decarbonisation bill. The DfT confirmed that motorcycles are ‘not in scope’ of the bill for the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel engines.

It also confirmed that there is no set timeframe in place for ending the sale of petrol (or diesel) motorcycles. Adding that should a decision be needed, the DfT would contact MAG (and we suggest other key industry stakeholders) first.

Why aren’t motorcycles in the 2030 decarbonisation bill?

There are a few possible reasons why motorcycles are not yet included in the government’s plan to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles.

For a start, motorcycles are already a much more environmentally cleaner and more efficient way of moving around the country. Powered two-wheelers already contribute to lower congestion on the roads, decreased pollution in urban environments, and (this is the one that is often forgotten) massive improvements in the users' physical and mental wellbeing.

There is another key factor in this, and that is the number of powered two-wheelers out on the UK’s roads. There are approximately 1.25m motorcycles in the UK (as of 2019) which when compared to the 38.4m cars on the road (as of 2019), there simply isn’t the need to stem the flow of bikes just yet.