Motorcycle gear maker Tucano Urbano acquired by Mandelli Group

Tucano Urbano has been making motorcycle gear & accessories since 1999, and has just been acquired by the Mandelli group.

Tucano Urbano AIRSCUD riding jacket Triumph

ONE of the leading motorcycle gear & accessories manufacturers in Italy has just changed hands. Italian based Mandelli Group has taken ownership of Tucano Urbano by acquiring the equity investments previously held by majority shareholder Consilium SGR, as well as other minority shareholders.

Tucano Urbano, formed in 1999 out of Milan, is estimated to boast an annual turnover exceeding €15 million across its motorcycle, scooter & bicycle sub-divisions serving an urbanite (and beyond) customer base commonly found in the UK, Italy, France & Spain. 

With new ownership comes a slight re-shuffle of the corporate structure. Existing CEO Diego Sgorbati continues in his role that he’s held since 2016, whilst Marco Biollo becomes the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Biollo and Sgorbati in a joint statement:

“Mandelli and Tucano Urbano are very successful realities and complement each other in their respective competences.

“The synergies between the companies will make it possible to achieve a solid path of growth and further consolidation on the reference markets.”

Mandelli were established in 1945, and currently serve a multitude of two-wheeled markets with brands including Brera bicycles. 

No doubt this merger will see Tucano Urbano and Brera working closely together in their respective bicycle divisions. This new ownership may also lead to Tucano Urbano further stretching their wings, continuing from the recent launch of the AirScud universal airbag vest/jacket.

It’ll be exciting to see where the brand can go in the coming years, as their current range of motorcycle gear is incredibly appealing to many riders. 

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