Lighter, liquid-cooled & more powerful - the new Energica EMCE motor

Positive step forward for Energica; they develop a lighter, more powerful & efficient liquid-cooled electric motor to be used in its entire motorcycle range

Energica EMCE electric motor

ENERGICA has been hard at work with Italian engineering company Mavel, co-designing a new liquid-cooled motor for their upcoming electric range that’s fully Made In Italy.

Dubbed the EMCE (from ‘Energica Mavel Co-Engineering’) the new liquid-cooled powertrain increases peak power to 126kW (169 bhp) compared to the outgoing unit’s figures of 110kW (147 bhp), whilst decreasing overall weight by 10kg (about 22 pounds) and upping range by 5-10%. 

According to the release, the new unit benefits from:

  • Innovative rotor and stators’ geometries that minimize energy losses and maximize performance. The uniformity of the torque delivered and the optimization of the weights make the engine unique in terms of power and torque density and allow the optimization of production processes;
  • Innovative and patented cooling of the rotor capable of generating an internal flow of air that laps the magnets and cools them. This allows the engine to exploit its potential even at high speeds;
  • Adaptive control algorithms that ensure that the inverter is always able to operate the system as efficiently as possible;
  • Patented sensors capable, among other things, of collecting and storing the operating data of the motor to predict the onset of any mechanical failure.

Energica’s electric power just keeps on getting better

This all comes about as a positive response to the global pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues, as explained by Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica:

“The introduction on the market of the new EMCE engine was scheduled for release in 2022, but following the difficulties of our supply chain – due to the global pandemic situation – we decided to anticipate this timing and instead, in just 6 months we have developed this co-engineering with Mavel, into our current model year production.”

The new EMCE powertrain will be available in the Italian electric motorcycles in Europe and the States this year, with Asia following in autumn. 

Good on them for taking the situation into their own hands and proactively ramping up local development when they faced supply issues.