Honda recall hundreds of CRF250L models

More than 500 bikes have been recalled in America due to wiring issues

2017 Honda CRF250L

HONDA has recalled hundreds of CRF250L models, due to incorrectly installed wiring harnesses, which could cause the wiring connected to the lights, horn, and instrument panel to fail.

It’s the latest of the manufacturer’s off-road line-up to be recalled – in August, all CRF250R models manufactured over a six month period (from October 6th 2017 – April 4th 2018) were recalled due to a clutch issue which could cause the clutch cover to overheat and break, causing the engine to lock.  

The latest recall has affected 505 models in the US, and dealerships will reportedly provide a replacement wiring harness for free.

While the issue is not as directly dangerous as the previous recall, a light or horn failure – especially at night – could cause a crash, and a malfunctioning instrument panel could cause a rider to speed.

Plus, without these elements a vehicle is not roadworthy.

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