French 100bhp limit to be revoked

No more restricted S1000RRs and ZX-10Rs...

THE 100BHP limit in France is due to be revoked.

A vote in the EU parliament has opposed the French 100bhp limit which was introduced in 1985 as a bizarre way to try and cut motorcycle accidents. France is the only EU member state to apply the 100bhp rule, which has been voted out it doesn't stick to the rules of a uniform European Union. Research has proven that the 100bhp limit has had no effect on accidents or fatalities.

Sportsbikes barely make the top ten best-selling motorcycles in France, with bikers there preferring naked bikes, adventure bikes and tourers. Could this trend change now that you can legally use what you're paying for when it comes to top of the range 180bhp superbikes?

The only problem for French bikers is that the law is due to be put in place on January 1st 2016 but knowing those Frenchies, they'll be at the restrictors already.

Back in April, we rode a 100bhp R1. Click the link to see what we thought.